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17th-Apr-2014 09:05 pm


fanartdonutslayout ☆ code is mine; please don't take
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23rd-Oct-2014 11:06 pm - Visualosities
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15th-Jun-2014 12:11 pm - Status & Inventory

5'3", 110 lbs
AGE: 17/19
STATUS: Healthy


4912 (as of January 21/Day 272)
A large wooden closet with gear handles and rose designs
Miscellaneous sports equipment
Cute swimsuit

Credits: Aoi pixel, bracers pixel, bag pixel, all other pixels (except the jewel; credit unknown). All coding was done by me! Please don't use it without permission!
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31st-May-2014 11:02 pm - Thread Tracker
Coded by me! Please don't use this code (it'd be hell to decipher, anyway).

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4th-Oct-2013 07:53 pm - How's My Swimming?
Am I doing an okay job as Aoi? Am I making your RP experience an enjoyable one? Let me know! All comments are screened, anonymous is enabled, and IP logging is not. I'd love to hear any feedback and critique that you have for me!
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28th-Sep-2013 11:41 pm - Bastion App
Player name: Courtney
Age: 17
Contact: [ profile] nidorina/[ profile] needlekind 
Other characters: N/A

Character name: Aoi Asahina
Series: Dangan Ronpa
Canon point: After the end of chapter two but before chapter three begins properly; Aoi goes to bed after the second execution and wakes up in the Skyway.


I've covered all of the spoilers with black bars! You can read them by highlighting them but I highly advise against it if you plan to read/watch/play DR at any point ever. I mean it! DR's twistiness is the best part of the game and you shouldn't ruin that.

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Powers: For all intents and purposes, Aoi is a normal human being! She does have notable (within the realm of normal human beings) physical strength, though; spending so long playing so many sports sure does build up muscle.
Entry: I'd like for someone else to help Aoi off the Skyway!
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